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Awarded HFM Long/Short Equity Greater China Fund under $250m in 2019

On 24 January 2019, in HFM Asia Performance Awards, we were thrilled to report that the fund managed by Golden Pine Asset Management Limited was awarded the Long/ Short Equity Greater China under $250m because of its performance in 2018.

HFMWeek is a renowned publisher covering more than 6000 asset managers around the globe. It has been an annual celebration for recognizing the performance of the funds managed by Asia asset managers.

We will continue to stand by our core values and investment framework and we would not have been where we are now without the support from our investors and our strategic partners. In 2019, we will strive to deliver consistent absolute return to our investors.


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The information, opinions and data published in this website may not be accurate or invalid due to changes in the situation or other factors after the release date, but Golden Pine does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy and timely updating of the information.

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