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•公司有“护城河” - 確保经营的高進入门槛

•管理層诚信而優秀 - 確保以股东利益为上,不会造假

•行業发展空间大 - 確保公司业务具备高成长可能

•股權激勵到位 - 確保公司与投资人利益和诉求一致

•股價被“嚴重低估”- 確保买入后有较高的安全邊際







Disclaimer:  The content of the Golden Pine website is only for institutional investors or high net worth individual investors who are fully tolerant of investment risks, and does not constitute bids, levies, offers or invitations to the securities or products, and does not constitute any contract. Or the basis of the commitment does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any investment product or to enter into any transaction, nor does it constitute financial, legal, tax, investment advice, investment advice or other advice, and any use of this information directly or indirectly Golden Pine does not assume any legal responsibility for all consequences or losses caused by the content or investment.


The information, opinions and data published in this website may not be accurate or invalid due to changes in the situation or other factors after the release date, but Golden Pine does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy and timely updating of the information.

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